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About Me


We all have something to offer that is unique to us and for which we feel excitement and passion. For me, it's cooking. I love the way food serves so many important roles in our lives, and that it is an opportunity to practice how we want to be in the world. 

I have published a mini cookbook, which is a sampling of the recipes and information that will be contained in my full book that is currently underway. Both are based on what I learned at my restaurant, Julia's Kitchen, as well as my other professional cooking, teaching, and life experiences. The mini book contains sections about sprouting, fitting cooking into your life, and basic ingredients and equipment to get your started.

I am building this site to ultimately become a forum for teaching, learning, and supporting each other in eating in a way that sustains our health, our spirit, our planet, and all who inhabit it.  

I want to encourage you with all benefits of cooking for yourself and empower you with the tools to do so. Plants are my muse, so all of my recipes are 100% plant-based. I want you to eat more plants, mostly plants, but you are free and welcome to add and embellish as you wish in order to suite your preferences and make them your own. 

I'd like to build a community of people who want to incorporate healthy, plant-rich, conscious cooking into their lives and support each other in doing so.

Your support in spreading the word would be greatly appreciated; please share this web site and/or my social media with your community.

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