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Cookbook Update

Hello, and happy 2020!

While it’s already been a bit of a tumultuous year, I hope it brings more compassion, mindfulness, intelligence, gratitude, and joy into the lives of every human. The animals and the Earth need us humans to be better, fast.

I’m excited to share that my mini cookbook is finished and ready for the printer! I am so thankful that I decided to do this mini version first, not only because it allowed me to get something out faster (though still a little later than I’d originally hoped:), but also because there was (and I’m sure still is) way more to learn than I realized. I feel much better prepared to get the full book completed than I would have been otherwise.

I’ll have details on cost, etc. very soon. I am committed to printing in the most sustainable way possible and since that impacts the price quite significantly, the biggest hurdle is finding a way to keep the books financially accessible.

While researching eco-friendly printers, I came across the statistic that 30 million trees are cut down per year to print books. Traditional printer ink is also quite toxic. Many of the least expensive printers print in other countries, which means increased consumption of resources and creation of pollution in to get them to buyers. Since I made the decision to offer my book in print, as well as e-book (which of course has its own environmental consequences), I started researching eco-friendly printers who use recycled paper and plant-based inks, and who are making efforts to run their operations in a much more sustainable way. This is really the only choice I can make.

I’ll let you know when the books are ready to order…should be in the next couple of days.

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