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Upcoming Class Series

Hello my friends! I am excited to share that I am putting together a cooking class series to correspond (more or less) with the main sections of my upcoming cookbook. The series will start in January. I have a basic structure in mind, and I would also like it to be interactive and flexible in nature, so I'll schedule the first three foundational classes to start and adjust/expand the remainder of the series based on what you all are interested in learning. I'm open to teaching anything I know how to do and I'm envisioning the creation of a little learning community. If you are interested, you are welcome regardless of how much cooking experience you have or your personal eating style.

Classes will be taught in my home kitchen and will be limited to about eight people per class (because that's how many can squeeze around my dining room table). Each class will start with a demo-style presentation on ingredients and techniques to maximize taste and nutrition (+hands on opportunities as appropriate) and then we'll sit down together to eat and discuss at the end of class. The intention is for this series to be accessible - both economically and time wise - and to create a solid foundation for you to tweak as you like so you can create your own cooking repertoire, so classes will focus on focused on a specific topic and we will build as we go.

All food will be plant-based (vegan) and gluten free, but all of the information provided is applicable to any style of cooking and preferences. Classes will be scheduled for 1.5-2 hours, with opportunities for lingering around the table at the end for those who have a bit more time. I'm happy to take questions and requests ahead of each class so we can be sure to cover them.

You can pick and choose the classes that interest you. Foundational classes are $40/class, or $105 for all three. Please email if you'd like to sign up and your spot will be reserved upon receipt of your payment.

Here's what I have in mind:


1. Veggies and Eating in Season January 8th 3-5pm $40 (overflow/alternative date January 15th)

  • Eating in Season

  • Basic Knife Skills

  • Cooking Methods

  • Veggie Prep - Maximizing your Efficiency

2. Legumes February 5th 3-5pm $40 (overflow/alternative date February 12th or 19th)

  • Digestibility

  • Soaking and Sprouting

  • Cooking Methods and Uses

3. Whole Grains March 19th 3-5pm -$40 (overflow/alternative date tbd)

  • Nutrition and Digestibility

  • "Alternative" Grains and their Benefits

  • Soaking and Sprouting

  • Cooking Methods and Uses


4. Sauces and Condiments TBD

5. Soups TBD


6. Basic Sprouted Grain Baking TBD

7. Sourdough Breadmaking TBD

8. Healthy Treats and Desserts (this could turn into a few classes depending on where interests lie...) TBD

9. Whatever else comes up!

I look forward to spending time in the kitchen with you!

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