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Welcome to Julia's Kitchen

Education, recipes, coaching, and information to empower you to cook whole, plant-based foods in your own kitchen as part of a conscious, sustainable, healthy lifestyle. Not just for vegetarians! Whatever your dietary preferences, I support you in eating more plants plus whatever makes you feel your best. All are welcome!   

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Yummy Nut and Seed Bread

Hello friends! I have to share this recipe that I just made because it’s so surprising and delicious. It takes very little time (maybe 10...


Legumes, pulses, beans...which are which and what can we do with them? We've switched the legume class to this Sunday February 12th at...

Upcoming Class Series

Hello my friends! I am excited to share that I am putting together a cooking class series to correspond (more or less) with the main...


Hello my friends! I was certain last April that I would make quick work of my cookbook with all of that time at home and, instead, I...

Homemade Candy Bars!

Do you know that it’s really easy to make your own candy bars? These are a wonderful and nostalgic sweet treat.  Since we are in for a...

Cookbook Update

While it’s already been a bit of a tumultuous year, I hope it brings more compassion, mindfulness, intelligence, gratitude, and joy into...

Avocado Mayo

This is a condiment with plenty of substance; like mayo, it's thick enough to stay where it belongs unlike other condiments that will...

Tax-Time Tonic

I am loving this hot drink, because it is so totally warming, satisfying, and nourishing. Being warmed, satisfied, and nourished is the...

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