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Sourdough Bread Making Episode 3: blending the bread batter (and saving rejuvelac)

Hey y'all! I hope it's been a happy Friday for you, if you even know which day it is, and you are doing ok with all of this craziness.

You'll know your sourdough starter is ready to use when the Earthy smell of the grains disappears and is replaced by a pleasantly sour smell.

In the the attached video, I demonstrate blending the bread batter and saving the starter for your next batch, plus reserving the rejuvelac. Rejuvelac is a probiotic liquid that some people drink (just like you'd take a probiotic supplement, but much cheaper) and others, like me, use to ferment other foods such as cashews for cashew cream cheese. I've not experimented beyond that, but I would think it should also work for yogurt, baking, etc.

To blend the batter, you'll need:

*soaked grains

*1 3/4 cup spring water

*sourdough starter

1. Place a bowl under your fine mesh strainer to catch the soaking water when you drain your grains.

2. Pour the grains into the strainer.

3. Remove the rejuvelac (soaking water caught by the bowl underneath the strainer) and pour it into a clean glass jar. Set aside for future use.

4. Rinse the grains and shake gently to remove excess rinsing water.

5. Put spring water in the blender, along with the rinsed grains and sourdough starter and blend until smooth.

6. Pour replacement starter into a jar. This should be approximately the amount of sourdough you used earlier, but don't worry too much about being exact.

7. Pour the remaining batter into a large glass bowl.

8. Cover both the batter and the starter and set them aside on the counter to ferment.

The next video will be baking the bread, so be sure you have the rest of the ingredients ready and I'll see you then!

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