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Hello my friends! I was certain last April that I would make quick work of my cookbook with all of that time at home and, instead, I couldn't tell you where the time went.

I am still plugging away; pictured above is just one of a whole slew of fancy and fun raw desserts that will be included. I'm currently waiting for the full collection of recipes to be formatted by the designer and so I can view them from the eye of the reader, and meanwhile I'm working on the narrative. I've been contemplating workarounds for various recipes and prep tasks for those who don't have expensive and space-eating equipment like high speed blenders and food processors in their kitchens. I took a detour a few months ago and posted some videos on YouTube, since I'd like to offer video instruction of recipes or techniques for those who are more visual to go along with the cookbook and create an engaged community. I've done bit teaching and consulting, which I really love, and I still do orders on request. It's really helpful to mix it up and I especially enjoy helping people incorporate cooking and healthy eating (whatever that means for any particular person) into their routine and life. Fielding questions and working with other people has been really beneficial in determining how and what to communicate in my cookbook, so please do get in touch if you'd like.

I don't know about you, but 2020, and the beginning of 2021, gave me a lot to think about. Just this morning I heard a new phrase from the guys who started the brand Life is Good - rational optimism. I find it fits and hope that we can all approach the world with clarity and purpose, and a focus on all of the opportunities to do good in the world. Happy New Year.


PS - last night I forgot to set aside the extra batter for a bread order, so I have a dozen buckwheat fennel buns for the taking; they are $1.25 each.

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